Wedding Dress Bengali Bride


Wedding Dress Bengali Bride, The Bengali community demonstrates the culture of Bengal region, which is nowadays Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Bengalis coming from different racial in addition to cultural origins showcase cosmopolitan culture blend with conventional sanctity makes it distinctive condition. West Bengal is identifiable with rich culture; engaging tradition boasts traditional clothes, vibrant festivals and famous cuisines. The Bengali traditional attire completely describes ethnicity, sophistication and creative imagination of the people.
Hindu plus Muslim are the major religions observed by Bengalis of West Bengal, which strongly reflects their standard consumes. In rural locations, Hindu men wear “dhoti” and Muslim men use “lungi”. Typically, men go shirtless but occasionally place on a vest or long shirt called “Kurta” as upper garment. “Dhoti” is long white cloth draped around the waist additional drawn in involving the hip and legs like loincloth while “lungi” is a piece of checkered cloth that is usually drapped across the waist.

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